Фильмы и сериалы 1928 года

Фильмы, сериалы и мультфильмы, которые были сняты в 1928 году

Charlie Chaplin in the Greatest Picture of His Entire Career...

Страсти Жанны д'Арк

JOAN of ARC PICTURES Inc. presents


BUSTER KEATON WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH 'TILL YOU CRY in THE CAMERAMAN with Marceline Day. (Print Ad- Oxnard Daily Courier,((Oxnard, Calif.)) 5 November 1928)

Пароход Уилли

Mickey Mouse's classic cartoon debut.

Пароходный Билл

The Laugh Special of the Age. See It.

Человек, который смеётся

The Man Who laughs With Conrad Veidt as the clown on whose face was carved a horrible, leering grin. (Print Ad-Picket Line Post ((Mt. Morris, NY)) 7 December 1928)


A powerful drama of modern marriage- a marriage that goes smash, and how it is saved. See yourself in "THE CROWD." (Print Ad- Steuben Courier,((Bath, NY)) 14 September 1928)


A TORNADO OF HUMAN EMOTIONS.-prevail in this gripping drama of the cyclone-swept Texan Desert- this emotional story of a girl who did not know of hardships and evil men- of stark drama, soul searing sacrifice and breath-catching romance- See LILLIAN GISH in "THE WIND" (Print Ad- Franklin Times, ((Pukekohe, NZ)) 24 July 1929)

Потомок Чингисхана

Pudovokin's Remarkable Film Of The East In Revolt

Пристани Нью-Йорка

In washed the tide. Picked from the driftwood at the waterside. A woman, sullen, weary, disillusioned. And a ship's stoker, ashore for a rollicking rouser. A Josef von Sternberg masterpiece (Print Ad- The Observer, ((Newberry, SC)) 26 March 1929)


LLOYD'S LATEST (original print ad - all caps)

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