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Let us take you with us to Solaris, planet of mystery, embodiment of man's latent conflict with the unknown. Man, face to face with his conscience, and with his past.




The movie that makes a scene of the crime.

Скромное обаяние буржуазии

Academy Award Nominee for Best Foreign Language film 1973


Sometimes we leave everything to find ourselves

Кто боится Вирджинии Вульф?

It can now be said: 1. Apart from its widespread critical acclaim, it has provoked more discussion, interest and excitement than any other picture in memory. 2. People want to see it - in unprecedented numbers. In its first engagements it has shattered every record in the history of all theatres involved. 3. It has become a significant and extraordinary entertainment event. It is truly a unique motion picture.

Saturday Night Live

Live, from New-York it's Saturday night!!!

Ужин с убийством

You are cordially invited to dinner... and a murder!


The degeneration of high society!


Sometimes There's Nothing Better To Do Than Laugh!


Edgar Allan Poe + the Marquis de Sade + Jan Svankmajer = Lunacy


О премьерах недели с юмором!

Дамы в лиловом

Они спасли незнакомца, и он похитил их сердца


The Wonderful Pulitzer Prize Play... becomes one of the Great Motion Pictures of our Time!

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