Фильмы и сериалы 1943 года

Фильмы, сериалы и мультфильмы, которые были сняты в 1943 году
Жди меня

A Love Story, Vibrant With the Deep Emotions of Our Times


The Most Outstanding Film to Come Out of the War!

День гнева

A Strange Love Story - Told With Startling Frankness by Carl Dreyer, world-famous director.

Сестра его дворецкого

They're Terrific Together!...It's Pat in Hot Water...It's Deanna in Love...It's Franchot in-trigued!(print ad - Lubbock Avalanche Journal - Tower Theatre - Lubbock, Texas - April 2, 1945)

По ком звонит колокол

Thunderous! Tender! Touching!

Битва за Россию

MORE THAN THE GREATEST WAR PICTURE EVER MADE! (Print Ad- Times-Record, ((Troy, NY)) 10 February 1944)

Я гуляла с зомби

See this strange, strange story of a woman whose lure set brother against brother; whose love caused hate - and whose beauty bowed to the will of an evil spell in whose power we must refuse to believe - EVEN IF IT'S TRUE!


Russia's Defeat of Napoleon

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