Фильмы и сериалы 1941 года

Фильмы, сериалы и мультфильмы, которые были сняты в 1941 году
Гражданин Кейн

Radio's Most Dynamic Artist . . The Man At Whose Voice A Nation Trembled . . . Now the screen's most exciting NEW star ! ORSON WELLES in the picture Hollywood said he'd never make


Walt Disney's Latest . . . Most Lovable . . . Funable Characters !

Мальтийский сокол

He's a Killer When He Hates!

Свинарка и пастух

A New High in Entertainment!


Alfred Hitchcock, who gave you «Foreign Correspondent» and «Rebecca», creates his most romantic mystery hit!

Серенада солнечной долины

ONE OF YOUR ALL-TIME MUSICAL HIGHS! (1964 re-release poster-all caps)

Леди Гамильтон

The Year's Most Exciting Team of Screen Lovers !

Мистер и миссис Смит

Riotously directed by Alfred Hitchcock who now lends to laughter that touch of genius which was so evident in his «Rebecca» and «Foreign Correspondent»


In many a distant village, there exists the Legend of the Werewolf or Wolf Man, a legend of a strange mortal man with the hair and fangs of an unearthly beast... his hideous howl, a dirge of death!

Странствия Салливана

A Happy-Go Lucky Hitch-Hiker on the Highway to happiness! He wanted to see the world . . . but wound up in Lover's Lane!

Леди Ева

Eve Sure Knows Her Apples !

Как зелена была моя долина

Rich is their humor! Deep are their passions! Reckless are their lives! Mighty is their story!

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