Газовое освещение

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Всё иллюзорно... Кроме любви


Реальная история о мужестве и человеческом достоинстве

Читая мысли

A thousand year old secret leads to murder

Газовый свет

THIS IS LOVE...clouded by evil...darkened by a secret no one dared to tell!(print ad - Lubbock Avalanche Journal - Lindsey Theatre - Lubbock,Texas - July 2, 1944)


See it, be amazed at it, but... BE QUIET ABOUT IT! (original Finnish poster tagline)


Две женщины. Один мужчина. Эта комбинация может стать смертельной

Портрет Дориана Грея

His life was a muddy morass into which he dragged all who knew him! Such was Dorian Gray, the man who wanted eternal youth, and bartered his soul to get it!


He picked up a girl from the gutter - and changed her into a glamorous society butterfly ! . . . See Wendy Hiller, new star discovery, in this amazing role !

Письмо незнакомки

This is the love every woman lives for...the love every man would die for!

Встреть меня в Сент-Луисе

A cast of favorites in the Charming . . . Romantic . . . Tuneful Love Story of the Early 1900s !

Ночь и город

The inside story of London after dark.

Призрак и миссис Мьюр

Is Lucy Muir's love really a ghost, or is it a man of flesh and blood she yearns for?

Убийство по приказу

Sherlock Holmes unveils the secrecy of Jack the Ripper - clue by clue - murder by murder.

Газовый свет

Patrick Hamilton's famous play brought to the screen - thrill by thrill as only the British know how!


PROBING EYES that marked the woman he loved for death!

Слава моего отца

A childhood in Provence.

Мост Ватерлоо

As this picture unfolds on the screen, you will find no maudlin, mushy, run-of-the-mill story, but a triumph of human emotion depicting the glamour of an all-conquering love in the sordid surroundings of a great city. (Print Ad- The Castilian, ((Castile, NY)) 8 October 1931)

Сага о Форсайтах

To men she could be ice . . . or fire . . . or everything!

Дыхательная трубка

Teenage Girl Vs. ... Killer-With-A-Gimmick!

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