Фильмы и сериалы 1932 года

Фильмы, сериалы и мультфильмы, которые были сняты в 1932 году

The story of the love life of the sideshow.

Лицо со шрамом

THE LOVE LIFE...THE BLOOD SECRETS...OF A SWAGGERING BUTCHER OF MEN! (Print ad- Herald Statesman, ((Yonkers, NY)) 26 July 1932)


Stranger than "Dracula" ... More fantastic than "Frankenstein" ... More mysterious than "The Invisible Man"

Гранд Отель

Thank The Stars For A Great Entertainment !

Шанхайский экспресс

Many Men Had Loved Her -- but only one had been loved in return !

Белый зомби

They knew this fiend was practicing zombiism on the Natives, but when he tried it on a white girl the nation revolted.

Неприятности в раю

"Marriage is a beautiful mistake that two people make together!" (Print Ad- Rochester Times-Union, ((Rochester NY)) 8 November 1932)

Я — беглый каторжник

Hers was the Kiss of Judas...He was CRUCIFIED on the chain gang!

Старый страшный дом

More thrilling than "Dracula." More mysterious than "Frankenstein." The spookiest of them all. You'll tremble and thrill and laugh at your own excitement. (Print ad- Woodville Republican, ((Woodville, Miss.)) 14 January 1933)

Будю, спасенный из воды

A Recently Rediscovered Renoir...Discover It For Yourself!

Белокурая Венера

From the lips of one MAN to the arms of another!

Тарзан: Человек-обезьяна

You Will Hail It As The Year's Biggest Screen Thrill!

Прощай, оружие

"Let's love tonight," they said, "There may be no tomorrow!"

Убийства на улице Морг

Innocent Beauty - this was her wedding eve. On the wall a shadow . . the beast was at large grinning horribly-cruelly. What was Her Fate ?

Самая опасная игра

"The Finest Specimen I Ever Killed"

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