История Англии

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Золотой век

Woman. Warrior. Queen.


Absolute power demands absolute loyalty


His Triumph Changed The World Forever.

Новый Свет

Once discovered, it was changed forever

Лев зимой

The most significant reserved seat attraction of the year!

Чёрная гадюка

The most gripping sitcom since 1380.

Человек на все времена

...a motion picture for all times!


Excitement Fills the Screen in This Towering African Adventure!


An age of rampant lusts, abandon, runaway passions. An age brought bristling to life by two of the most exciting stars of our time!

Большое ограбление поезда

Never have so few taken so much from so many.

Чёрная гадюка 2

The original may be dead... but now his bastard great-great grandson swaggers around Renaissance London with a big head and a small beard

Последний король

Власть и страсть


In his raised fist, the power of the people !

Частная жизнь Генриха VIII

HE GAVE HIS WIVES A PAIN IN THE NECK And did his necking with an axe. Henry, the Eighth Wonder of the World! And this picture...the wonder of all time!

Атака легкой кавалерии

"Theirs not to reason why..."

Пламя над островом

. . . A truly brilliant producer brings you a thrilling tale of love and danger that will live in your memory as long as there is romance in your heart !

Маргарет Тэтчер: Долгий путь к Финчли

A surprising portrait of the young Margaret Thatcher

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