Французские вооруженные силы

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Шербурские зонтики

a film for all the young lovers of the world

Тропы славы

Never has the screen thrust so deeply into the guts of war!

Великая иллюзия

A Great Drama of Human Emotions

Рыцари неба

«Top Gun» for a new generation.

Битва за Алжир

The French Colonel...who was forced even to torture! One of the many women...who stopped at nothing to win! The Algerian Street Boy...who became a rebel hero!

Армия теней

Betrayal. Loyalty. Collaboration. Resistance.


The true story of World War II's forgotten heroes

Большие манёвры

The dashing Lieutenant of Dragoons, after all had a certain reputation to uphold...while the ravishing Lady from Paris, at best, had only an uncertain fortress to defend...

Обезьяна зимой

(We Can't Tell What Happened The Morning After...) But Oh! What Happened The Night Before!


227 Hostages. 1 French SWAT Team. Live Television.

Вне закона

Three brothers. One destiny. Freedom at all costs.

Уик-энд в Зюйдкоте

Only once before, in The Longest Day, has a motion picture achieved such greatness !

Печаль и жалость

The Most Important Fact Film Ever Made

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