Фильмы и сериалы 1938 года

Фильмы, сериалы и мультфильмы, которые были сняты в 1938 году
Леди исчезает

«Леди исчезла, но не бесследно...»

Воспитание крошки

«And so begins the hilarious adventure of Professor David Huxley and Miss Susan Vance, a flutter-brained vixen with love in her heart!»

Ангелы с грязными лицами

«The saga of America's dirty faced kids... And the breaks that life won't give them!»

Набережная туманов

«Tender...frankly adult. Filled with almost every emotion known to man»

С собой не унесешь

«You'll love them all for giving you the swellest time you've ever had!»

Приключения Робин Гуда

«Excitement...Danger...Suspense...as this classic adventure story sweeps across the screen!»


«So daring -- so tender -- so human -- so true -- that everyone in love will want to see it!»


«He picked up a girl from the gutter - and changed her into a glamorous society butterfly ! . . . See Wendy Hiller, new star discovery, in this amazing role !»

Три товарища

«A Tribute To Love That You'll Carry Thru Life !»


«A Fearless Feminine Creature with a heart full of love !»

Большой вальс

«Your beating heart,your pounding pulse will tell you it's the most exciting musical love story ever told!»

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