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Железный человек 2

It's not the armor that makes the hero, but the man inside.

Атлантида: Затерянный мир

«'...in a single day and night of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea.' -- Plato, 360 B.C»

Всё о моей матери

«Part of every woman is a mother/actress/saint/sinner. And part of every man is a woman»

Грязный Гарри

«Dirty Harry and the homicidal maniac. Harry's the one with the badge»


«It is everything you've dreamed of. It is nothing you expect»

Три дня Кондора

«His code name is Condor. In the next twenty-four hours everyone he trusts will try to kill him»

Дорогая Венди

«One shot is all it takes»

Война миров

«Amazing! terrifying! The most savage spectacle of all time!»

Битва за Алжир

«The French Colonel...who was forced even to torture! One of the many women...who stopped at nothing to win! The Algerian Street Boy...who became a rebel hero!»

Золотое путешествие Синдбада

«Dynarama Means Supreme Adventure!»

20000 лье под водой

«Walt Disney's Mighty, Magnificent, Memorable 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!»


«Imagine your life hangs by a thread. Imagine your body hangs by a wire. Imagine you're not imagining»

Фантастическое путешествие

«The screen's most fantastic voyage»

Лицо в толпе

«POWER! He loved it! He took it raw in big gulpfuls...he liked the taste, the way it mixed with the bourbon and the sin in his blood!»


«Fat cats are too easy. Go for the big fish»


«An everyday story about loyalty, betrayal, lust and footwear»

Johnny Sunshine Maximum Violence

«In the sprawl you're either a zombie, a killer, or a victim!»

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