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Приключения Флика

An epic of miniature proportions

Перед закатом

What if you had a second chance with the one that got away?

Девушка на мосту

История любви двух одиноких душ...

Таинственный Альберт Ноббс

A man with a secret. A woman with a dream.

Город потерянных детей

Some people follow their dreams. Others steal them


Now there is a new name for terror

Огни рампы

It will move you to love, laughter and tears

Прах Анджелы

The Hopes of a Mother. The Dreams of a Father. The Fate of a Child.

Странствия Салливана

A Happy-Go Lucky Hitch-Hiker on the Highway to happiness! He wanted to see the world . . . but wound up in Lover's Lane!

Серые сады

She was the girl who had everything - Money, good looks and social position. her mother - a classic Bouvier beauty. Now they are living amongst the souvenirs of their lives. In Grey Gardens. This is their story. A love story. Sort of. Hailed as one of the oddest, most beautiful films ever.


A sexless new comedy

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