Бог Зла

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Хижина в лесу

«Думаете, знакомая история?»

Звездные врата

«It will take you a million light years from home. But will it bring you back?»

Звездные врата: ЗВ-1

At the edge of the universe lies a gateway to adventure


«'No Good without Evil. No Love without Hate. No Innocence without Lust. I am Darkness.'»

Звездные врата: Континуум

«History may never repeat itself again»

Князь тьмы

«Before man walked the earth...it slept for centuries. It is evil. It is real. It is awakening»

Звездные врата: Ковчег Истины

«The lines have been drawn. The battle has been waged. Only one thing can save us...»

Убийца сёгуна

«The legend of lone wolf and cub continues!»

Дочь для Дьявола

«Warning! This Motion Picture Contains The Most Shocking Scenes This Side Of Hell!»

Сатанинские обряды Дракулы

«The King of the undead marries the Queen of the Zombies»


«As long as Yatterman is there, evil will have no place in the world!!»

Адский дождь

«Absolutely the most incredible ending of any motion picture»

Замок зла

«One way in, no way out»


«Where black-magic explodes into horror!»

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