1898 год

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Монстры на каникулах

Будет страшно смешно

Призрак и Тьма

Only the most incredible parts are true

Таинственный Альберт Ноббс

A man with a secret. A woman with a dream.

Дерево для башмаков

Once in a generation, a work of art appears as if by magic, to move and inspire its audience. A work that returns to a exhausted humanity the possibility of simple grandeur. We invite you to visit a time and place when life was still a sacred matter. When the family of man was still - a family.

Сыновья Кэти Элдер

From the four winds they came, the four brothers, their eyes smoking and their fingers itching...

Послание к Гарсиа

UNITED IN DANGER...LAUGHTER...AND LOVE! (print ad - Lubbock Morning Avalanche - Palace Theatre - Lubbock, Texas - April 10, 1937 - all caps)

Грубые наездники

See the blowing up of the battleship Maine. The charge up San Juan Hill. The stirring, thrilling days of 1898. The gathering of the famous regiment at San Antonio. (Print Ad- Daily Times, ((Longmont, Colo.)) 9 September 1927)


Love Is Worth Fighting For

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