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Последний киногерой

This isn't the movies anymore

Красная жара

Police Captain Ivan Danko came from behind the Iron Curtain to the streets of Chicago, hunting down his country's deadliest criminal. Now Danko's about to team up with the city's most unpredictable lawman.


He'll get you away faster than anyone else on wheels.

Ночь вампиров

Ночь обнажает клыки

Чужая нация

Los Angeles, 1991. They have come to Earth to live among us. They've learned the language, taken jobs, and tried to fit in. But there's something about them we don't know

С Днём рождения меня

It is up to you to determine whether you wish to subject yourself to fear, terror... and shock!

Дикая гонка

From roaring hot rods to the racing big time!


Girls like Tracy never tell their parents about guys like Rourke.


A time for dreams... A time for choices... A time that would never come again.

52 мили страха

Hotter than Hell's Angels!

A Swingin' Summer

They're Lovin', Laughin' and Livin' it up and for kicks playing 'Chicken on Water Skis!'

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