Анимированный секс

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Вальс с Баширом

«We may forget the past, but the past won't forget us»

Маленькие секреты

«The one thing friends can't escape is a few home truths»

Черный динамит

«He's super bad. He's outta sight. He's…Black Dynamite»

Звездная тюряга

«Breaking out of prison was never this much...fun?»

Приключения кота Фрица

«The CAT that got the CREAM!»

Белоснежка: Брачный сезон

«They were married.... and it was all downhill from there»

Девять жизней кота Фрица

«I've come a long way, Baby!»

Трудный путь

«The amorous life and misadventures of a virginal young pinball player...his Chicks...his Chums and a host of assorted weirdos in all colors»

Тарзун, позор джунглей

«First, there was 'Fritz the Cat'...Then, 'Heavy Traffic'...And now, THE FUNNIEST ADULT CARTOON EVER!»


«BARRY WHITE and his men are bustin' out to win! They'll stop the man from calling them 'Coonskin'»

Baby Snakes

«A movie about people who do stuff that is not normal»

Эй, хорошо выглядишь

«Ralph Bakshi, creator of 'Fritz the Cat' and 'Heavy Traffic' brings you the outrageous '50s the way they really were»

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