Фильмы и сериалы 1971 года

Фильмы, сериалы и мультфильмы, которые были сняты в 1971 году
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Amerika Be Seated!

Заводной апельсин

«Being the adventures of a young man ... who couldn't resist pretty girls ... or a bit of the old ultra-violence ... went to jail, was re-conditioned ... and came out a different young man ... or was he ?»

Соломенные псы

«The knock at the door meant the birth of one man and the death of seven others!»

Грязный Гарри

«Dirty Harry and the homicidal maniac. Harry's the one with the badge»

Бриллианты навсегда

«'Diamonds Are Forever'...forever...forever...forever...»

Французский связной

«There are no rules and no holds barred when Popeye cuts loose!»


«Страх - движущая сила»

Последний киносеанс

«THE PICTURE SHOW THAT INTRODUCED AMERICA TO THE FORGOTTEN 1950S. It launched the meteoric career of its brilliant new director and its talented cast. It won 2 Academy Awards, and nominations for 8. If you missed it the first time, you owe it to yourself n»

Большой босс

«Его тело - смертельное оружие»

Смерть в Венеции

«The celebrated story of a man obsessed with ideal beauty»

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