Историческая драма

Полный список кино, фильмов и сериалов, которые были найдены по запросу «Фильмы про историческую драму»

«Mightiest Of Men... Mightiest Of Spectacles... Mightiest Of Motion Pictures!»


«Once a slave. Forever a legend»

Соломон и Шеба

«Behold! The love story of the ages!»

Операция «Арбалет»

«Sabotage of Hitler's ingenious weapons of mass destruction...the V1 and V2 rockets!»

Остров Уэйк

«Tougher than Leather . . . Harder to Kill! Daring Americans Fighting Against All Odds!»

Последний подвиг

«A man too big for legend - A motion picture too big for any screen except CINERAMA»

Царь Ирод Великий

«All the passion and power in the pagan court of history's mad and lustful king!»

7-ая кавалерия


Долгая дуэль

«A conflict of ideals - a conflict of arms - fought out in the Himalayas and across the scorching plains of India»

The Story of the Kelly Gang

«A thrilling moving picture from start to finish»

Билли Кид

«Roaring out of the blood-swept pages of history . . . comes the only authentic life story of the Southwest's last outlaw . . . and his colorful career !»

Мистер Хорн

«The true life adventure of the man who caught Geronimo»

Frontier Marshal

«BIGGER THAN ALL OUTDOORS - Too thrilling for words!»

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