Фильм поджанра Roughie

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«Lorna Maitland - a wanton of unparalleled emotion... unrestrained earthiness...destined to set a new standard of voluptuous beauty»

Forced Entry

«He was Trained to Kill... and Kill... and Kill... and Kill...»

Плохие девочки отправляются в ад

«Possessed with sex, they know no shame!»

Убийца в неглиже

«Let her show you the heat of desire -- the face of sin!»


«A shattering study of the sick set for shockproof adults»

The Touch of Her Flesh


Сексуальное желание

«You've Never Seen Anything Like It!»

Проклятие её плоти

«The power-packed sequel to the daring, lusty 'TOUCH OF HER FLESH'»

Daughters of Lesbos

«A New Experience in Erotica»

The Big Snatch

«Young Girls Kidnapped by Fiend!»

The Kiss of Her Flesh

«The story of hot-blooded Maria... who always gets her man, after man, after man!»

A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine

«There is an expression for girls like her ------ You see it scrawled on walls....!»

Приглашение к разрушению

«Eroticism in the Tradition of DeSade!»

Я, маркиз де Сад

«There's a woman for every taste»

Hot Spur

«The action takes place in 1869 when the only thing cheaper than life was perhaps a woman.'»

The Pick-Up

Las Vegas ... a thousand hotels .. 3000 showgirls ... 10,000 pleasures ... and a million ways to die!

The Ultimate Degenerate

«The uncommon adventures of a wild nympho in search of erotic playmates...»

Истерзанные женщины

«Shock film of the century»

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