Иностранный корреспондент

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«Their only weapon is the truth»

Тихий американец

«Самое сильное оружие войны - соблазн»

Иностранный корреспондент


Год, опасный для жизни

«A Love Caught In The Fire Of Revolution»

Любовь — самая великолепная вещь на свете

«The price they pay when they come out of their secret garden and face the world in modern-day Hong Kong - makes this one of the screen's unforgettable experiences!»

Девушка с Петровки

«A Russian girl, an American reporter, the love they shared ...and the country that made it impossible»

Однажды в медовый месяц

«HE kissed her in VIENNA...SHE kissed him in WARSAW...THEY kissed each other in PRAGUE...Now what do you suppose happened in PARIS??»

Воскресни, любовь моя

«Here's the gay, glorious story of a war correspondent and a war ace...a romance that could happen only in 1940!»

Потерянный горизонт

«Come to a new world of music, a new world of adventure, and a new world of love!»

Райское тело

«There's something new under the moon!»

Тихая гавань

«Her courage saved a thousand lives. A girl from Brooklyn defied the Nazis, challenged the US Government... and changed the world»

«Pimpernel» Smith

«The man the Gestapo hates!»

The Lady Has Plans

«Spine-tingling thrills as Ray and Paulette trap a barebacked spy in a barefaced lie!»


«Half-Man, Half-Monster!»

Джек Лондон

«The true adventures of America's rugged and remarkable hero!»

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