Полный список кино, фильмов и сериалов, которые были найдены по запросу «дезинформацию»
Район №9

Им здесь не место

Бегущий человек

Это всего лишь игра... со смертью


Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Лики смерти

Experience the graphic reality of DEATH, close-up...

Китайский синдром

The China Syndrome. It's not about China. It's about choices. Between honesty and ambition. Career and conscience. Responsibility and profit. The China Syndrome. Today, only a handful of people know what it means. On March 16, so will you.

Наш человек в Гаване

A murderously funny story, magnificently cast....marvelously made !

Агенты Сокол и Снеговик

They were best friends from the best of families. Then they committed a crime against their country and became the two most wanted men in America.

Дом на 92-ой улице

The F.B.I.'s own tense, terrific story behind the protection of the ATOMIC BOMB!

Синее рождество

Is the blue blood a sign of invasion, or a message of love?

A Circle of Deception

One of the strangest spy stories ever revealed !

Terminal City Ricochet

Addicted to the power of television ...

Fooling Hitler

The true story of the greatest deception of world War Two

Tough Business

The Bulmanians are here!

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