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She will open your eyes.

Странный прихожанин

So Sly, So Irreverant and So Hilarious That Only the French Could Have Thought of It

Дом на площади

In all of time it's never happened before ... of all the lovers since the world began it's only happened to us !

Госпожа Палфрей в Клейрмонте

Life Is Just Waiting For You To Invite It In

Люби меня вечно

She Brings You the Grandest of All Musical Romances! (original poster)

The Sporting Lover

A gleaming thoroughbred, a girl's wager for everything life holds dear settled on a single turn of a race track. The greatest bet ever placed. One of the most exciting stories brought to the screen. (Print Ad-Kentucky Standard, ((Bardstown, Ky.)) 21 October 1926)

A Man from Nowhere

THE DAREDEVIL OF THE SCREEN(original poster-all caps)

It's All Yours

She's so swelegant... They phffft over her!

Almost Human

An unusual, novel, absorbing photo-play with a love theme exquisitely developed, and as full of action as an egg is of meat---Don't miss it.

From the Valley of the Missing

$100,000 PHOTOPLAY SUPREME! (original poster-all caps)

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