День памяти

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A Single Shot Can End The War

Акт насилия

He's the only one that came out alive ... and now he wants my life ... to atone for the others'

Судья Прист

Mellow as a mint julep and twice as refreshing.


Its bite is worse than its bark


SPEED was his middle name! On the track-in love- the sky was the speed limit! (Print Ad- Rochester Democrat and Chronicle,((Rochester, NY)) 6 October 1929)

Родная земля

The Picture with the Most Exciting Story of Our Time!

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

«....People say, «I know what you're going through»..No....ya don't»

Красные горячие шины

SHE TOOK A MAN'S CHANCE TO WIN A MAN'S LOVE! A beautiful girl matches nerve and skill with the daredevil kings of the speedways! (Print Ad- Portsmouth Times, ((Portsmouth, Ohio)) 3 February 1935)

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