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Король Лев

The Circle of Life

Тимон и Пумба

Starring your favorite characters from The Lion King.

Рожденная свободной

From The Pages Of The Beloved Best Seller... A Motion Picture To Delight All The World!

Африканские кошки: Королевство смелых

In an untamed land, every mother has one mission: protect her family.

Я мечтала об Африке

Sometimes the adventure of a lifetime becomes life itself.

Мой друг — обезьянка

You think your school is a zoo?

Необыкновенное путешествие: История про двух слонят

The Delightful Adventures of Two Elephant Brothers And Their Journey Home

Jungle Drums of Africa

JUNGLE THRILLS AND VOODOO MADNESS IN THE HEART OF THE DARK CONTINENT!..as men come face to face with ferocious beasts and killer crazed savages to claim the Uranium mines of Africa! (original poster)

Africa Adventure

The Thrills Are REAL!

Mother Warthog

In Africa, the warthog is a delicacy for hungry predators. Less than half of all piglets see their first birthday. Now a warthog mother faces these terrible odds while trying to raise her family.

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