Фарс в спальне

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Женитьба врача

Here's just what the doctor ordered... To make you laugh yourself healthy!

Don't Bother to Knock

Elke Sommer...The «Shot in the Dark» girl gives SEX a shot in the arm!

Ladies at Play

Hot diggety....what a comedy! (original poster)

Pajama Tops

Just who has been sleeping with whom?

Vacation in Reno

IT'S A LAUGH-SPREE IN RENO! (original ad - all caps)

A Shocking Night

If you have a wife, used to have a wife or are threatened with matrimony see, Eddie Lyons and Lee Moran in A SHOCKING NIGHT if laughs cost a dollar apiece only Rockefeller or Morgan could afford to see the Shocking Night. (Print Ad- Walker County Messenger, ((LaFayette, Ga.)) 18 February 1921)

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