Полный список кино, фильмов и сериалов, которые были найдены по запросу «Фильмы про Афганистан»

«Two veterans, a father and son, help each other to heal the wounds of War»

Афганская борзая

«The war comes home. The battle rages within»

Addicted in Afghanistan

«war on drugs»


«Oppression Detention Asylum Hope Faith Freedom»

The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan

«Their battleground is his playground»


«One way or another every soldier must 'Cope'»

Dead Americans

«It's not death, it's deactivation»

Deutschland Is a Good Country

«Living with the war in Afghanistan on the German 'Heimatfront' A new view on a war that no one wants to continue, but that won't be over by 2014»


«'When peace comes, there are going to be massive casualties...'»

Fun with War Crimes

«The comedy that finally puts the Bushies where they belong... on trial!»

Hindukusch - Portrait eines Soldaten

«When somebody deals with death, it first creates tension followed by apathy at some point»

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