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You'll yell with glee when these happy-go-lucky hooligans invade the shivery domain of the Man of a Thousand Horrors! It's Chill-arious!

Million Dollar Kid

It's Their FIGHT of FIGHTS! They've got the toughest guys in town on the run!

East Side Kids

It's gang war on the streets of New York...when a bunch of half-pint racketeers go 'civic-minded' to put the skids under a crime czar! (original poster)

That Gang of Mine

It's a RIOT in RACES!

Flying Wild

There's a laugh and thrill each slum kids turn 'aero-nuts' to battle saboteurs for Uncle Sam! (original print ad)

Pride of the Bowery

HE WAS A Tough Little Softie who swings straight from the heart (original print ad)

Boys of the City

The Story Of Men In The Making By Just Plain American Boys!

Mr. Muggs Steps Out

BRACE YOURSELF,,,FOR LAUGHS! (original poster-all caps)

Следуй за лидером

FOLLOW 'EM FOR FUN...and Thrills Aplenty While the Kids Put a Hoodoo on the Hoodlums!

Kid Dynamite

THEY CAN'T BE TOPPED! (original print ad - all caps)

Smart Alecks


'Neath Brooklyn Bridge

PATHOS! ACTION! LAUGHS! - THE EAST SIDE KIDS AT THEIR BEST ! (original one-sheet poster - all caps)

Let's Get Tough!

Those East Side shock troops deliver a «kiss» to Hitler's and Hirohito's henchmen over here...and smash a giant spy ring (original print ad)

Midnight Manhunt

A WEIRD WACKY «WHO-DUN-IT» IN A WAX MUSEUM ! (oiginal poster-all caps)

Block Busters

THOSE BOISTEROUS BUDDIES ARE HERE AGAIN! (print ad - Lubbock Avalanche Journal - Texan Theatre - Lubbock, Texas - January 14, 1945 - all caps)

Docks of New York

Your Favorite Gang's on a Rampage Again!

Clancy Street Boys

Anything goes, everything happens in the funniest hit the tenement terrors have ever made!

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